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Dormer Windows

We make frequent use of Dormer windows. In loft conversions, dormer windows often provide the most effective means of creating additional standing height and ensuring adequate light. The picture shows three dormers built into a conversion in Durrington. There are different ways to create a dormer window so we first discuss with you how best to achieve your requirement. Care must be taken to keep dormers in character with your property. It is also wise to plan windows to both sides of a loft conversion to ensure good airflow during warmer weather.

Velux Windows

We are the only 5 star Velux window fitters in the local area. Velux can be added to any part of a roof structure and are ideal to increase light and ventilation. We fit 'top hung' Velux as standard (they also centre pivot) as they allow maximum outlook and do not protude into the room. Where access is limited, we fit 'centre pivot' Velux as they are easier to open and clean from inside. For more information about Velux please...

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Standard Windows & Doors

We install a variety of standard windows and doors in both extensions and loft conversions, depending upon the purpose and space available. We take care to identify a product and design in keeping with your property: either to match or to contrast according to your preference. This is also an opportunity to enhance insulation or improve sound proofing. We fit windows with vents to enable satisfactory airflow and security locks to ensure child safety and property security.